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A sanctuary for wellness and beauty

Dr. Bratt and Ms. Litzinger are unlikely friends. They met in a Chiropractic office where Dr. Bratt was a new associate. Jennifer enjoys explaining how Nicole wouldn't let her adjust her for six months because she was new and the previous associates had not been well trained. However, one day, Nicole walked in with a headache and was desperate for some help.  From the first adjustment, Nicole knew Dr. Bratt was a quality chiropractor and was her patient from then on.

Over the years, they became the best of friends and eventually enjoyed working across the hall from one another in a holistic health center helping to treat clients' mind and body. Over time, a dream developed to bring not only wellness services to patients, but also spa/beauty services all in one center; Solace. This unique take on adding beauty to wellness grew as they scanned the tri-state area for the perfect space and services.


Jennifer and Nicole both looked at the property, which is now Solace, separately. They both looked and dreamed of bringing their vision to fruition, but neither spoke of it to the other. Finally, Jennifer took a chance and mentioned the "fixer upper" to Nicole.  As she started describing it, Nicole was able to finish her thoughts exactly. They had been dreaming of the same place, but separately. They decided to take a chance and went to look at it together. Instantly, they fell in love with it and 9 months later, they acquired the property. Some months afterward, they had transformed the old house into their new and improved dream center.
Though the process was filled with triumphs and disappointments, in the end,

they believed this was their miracle given from God.


Jennifer and Nicole love their work passionately. They love the people they are privileged to work on/with and they absolutely love their dream-come-true center. They feel that their lives are richer and blessed because of their patients, their friendship, their families, and, of course,